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Time Travel with The Past Life Regressionist

March 17, 2021 Liz Roberta Episode 16
The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta
Time Travel with The Past Life Regressionist
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A podcast episode about travelling through time into your Past Lives…

This week I was so lucky to have Daniel @thepastliferegressionist on the podcast to talk about what it’s like leading people through their other lifetimes, and sometimes through other dimensions.

If you watch my IG stories, you’ll know that I had a regression session recently and it was WILD 🤯 I got a lot of DM’s from people wanting to know more about it, which is when I knew that I needed to make this episode.

We dive into what time actually means in terms of the soul, what working as a past life regressionist is like, and how to know if you have a past life connection with someone.

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Hi, Daniel. Thanks for having me. You are so welcome. 

I'm already so excited for this episode. And I know I booked you in for this on quite a while ago because I had my session with you at the end of 2020, and straight away. I was like, I need to have you on the podcast. More people need to know about this work that you do, because the session that I had was one of the most profound experiences I've had. And for anyone who feels like they have an attachment to their past lives, or they meet people and they're like, Hmm, I'm sure I know you, but I haven't met you before.

And had, those were little. Moments of kind of deja VU almost, or some kind of recognition is usually from these past lives or so I believe we can obviously get into a lot more about this, but when I actually had the regression with you, and the funny thing is we actually haven't told you this, but I was looking through my notes on my iPhone and I had this old list of what I wanted for my Christmas presents, what I could tell my family that I would want for Christmas. And it was an old list. And the first thing that I put on there was a past life regression. And I think just by having it sat there in my notes, on my phone and I'd forgotten about it, I think I ended up manifesting.

The right person. So I'm so glad that I found you because the session that I had, it was deep. It was profound. I needed a few days to recover and integrate everything that I had experienced. Um, cause yeah, it was definitely a very important part of my spiritual journey. So I'm so excited to unwrap. All of this.

I know you're extremely knowledgeable about the topic. So first of all, can you tell us what your life journey looked like and how did you get into becoming a past life regression NIST? Well, first off, just thank you for that. I know you can't say it, but I've been smiling the entire time, so thank you.

So my story, well, I guess we'll kind of start off when I was a kid where I did enjoy thinking about these things. Well, the what ifs, you know, there's gotta be more to the world than what meets the eye. However, I am a member of society and a product of the system where we are taught to really not indulge in these things.

So I didn't really give much thought to it after one of my early childhood, except for being just this thing. That may be a possibility because I'm also very fact-based and very science-based like, I firmly believe in science. So this wasn't something. To me that could have been proven. So therefore it wasn't real, you know, fast forward to my early twenties, I came down with an autoimmune disorder and it sucked to say the least, and it's still something that I have to deal with, but it was also the best thing that ever happened to me because it pushed me to a place where I had to explore other methods of healing because Western medicine just was not able to heal me.

Even though I firmly put my belief in Western medicine, which, you know, admittedly, I still do to a certain extent. And there came a point where I had to allow myself to open myself up to the possibility of allowing myself to just explore these alternative methods in once I did that, I started to notice what at the times just seemed to be signs.

And I now have the terminology for those to be synchronicities. And through one of those experiences past life regression fell into my lap and it was something I kind of had to sit on for a little while. Then I tried a YouTube recorded past life regression from Brian Weiss and it, it was really cool and profound for me and for the next few months or so I just tried a few of those.

And then I'm like, you know what, it's time for me to go get a real session. So I did a in-person one-on-one and it just changed my life. One of the most valuable lessons I've I think I've probably learned just throughout my entire life is the difference between believing and knowing where I firmly believe the past lives are real.

And that past life regression is real. But I don't know for a fact that it is. So I bring that up because I was so moved by that first experience that I left a firm believer in past lives. And by default, I was a believer of future lives. So I said to myself, next time it could be better or it could be worse.

These are the cards that I've been dealt this time around. So how am I going to play them? What am I going to do with my situation? And admittedly still, I was not healed. From my health issues, but that was okay because I still had lessons to learn with it. But what changed for me was I was no longer a victim of my circumstances.

My health issues were no longer my identity. They were just this pesky thing that I had to deal with and over the next year or so, I kept having my own sessions once every three months. And I was just blown away every time. Then I ended up getting certified and I just, I love it. It's amazing. It's just so much fun.

I never know what's going to happen during someone's session, which is just so refreshing because it doesn't get stale and it's just, it's so cool. It's just so cool.

I agree. It is very, very cool. And I love that you also had the same experience that I did, where it really changed your life. And I think that's why I, when I said that I needed a few days afterwards to integrate it. It was because it was such a profound experience and I was obviously a spiritual person anyway, by this point.

And I already had some connections with past lives, but even so. Actually experiencing it and going into those past lives emotionally. And in my session, I was in floods of tears while I was in this past life where I had lost my baby. Someone had set my heart on fire. It is around the 16 hundreds and these men on horses came into our village, set my heart on fire, and my baby was inside and I was.

Distraught. And I'm not a particularly emotional person. Like my astrology chart is very earth based, so I'm not someone that cries often. So when I do, it's a really big deal and I was distraught in a regression session, dealing with this. Past life trauma. Um, so yeah, it's incredibly profound. It's incredibly healing and you do release, a lot of energy that we have stored from these other lifetimes.

I also love that you have a similar story to me in that you really had your spiritual awakening because you had to find a way to heal. And I was exactly the same. It wasn't an auto-immune disorder, but I had really bad generalized anxiety disorder. And the doctors couldn't even diagnose it for ages because it was so physical for me.

Like they thought it might be a thyroid or heart issue because I had these intense heart palpitations all the time. I had crippling headaches all day. Every day I couldn't sleep. I was. Boiling hot. That's why they thought it might be thyroid. So I had this really bad anxiety and then nothing in Western medicine, what, like I was on these pills and I was like, what am I going to take these pills every day for the rest of my life?

Like, I'm not healing here. And that's when I also had to go on an alternative journey like you. And that was when I realized. It was because I had all this bloat energy around my third eye. So we definitely have that story in common. And I think it's so helpful to have someone like you on the podcast who is really science-based because for me, I've never been that way.

I've always been very spiritual. I'm much more of a creative mind, so I don't have any problem kind of grasping different beliefs. Whereas my husband. Is very much that scientific mathematic type of person. So it's really great to have you on the podcast with that kind of mind. Always. I never remember if it's like the right brain or the left brain, but whichever one it is, I'm so glad that you're here today and also coming from a spiritual perspective, because I think people like you are so powerful to have in the spiritual community because you can resonate.

With those more technical kind of people in a deeper way than maybe someone like me could, who's more of a creative mind. So I'm so glad that you shared your story with us and your hair's taught to us today. So I want to dig a little bit deeper into what a past life really is because I almost hesitate to say past lives.

Because from what I know about kind of quantum reality, the not necessarily past lives. So you said to me in my session that our past life pain is happening in the present. So are our past lives really past lives.

I believe they are in a linear sense, but then again, I don't believe that time is linear. I believe that it is all happening simultaneously. So I believe that when we go back to the life you were speaking of in the 16 hundreds, it is happening simultaneously, even though through our lens, it was 400 years ago.

What that release that's taking place is happening in the past, present and future, because it's all happening simultaneously. So it's like, we're just kind of. Sliding sideways, I guess, would be a way to put it. It's much easier to view it through linear plans. I just wish that it was that simple, but I just, I don't think that it is our human brains.

I don't think can really understand how it all really works. I am just in awe of quantum physicists and physicists who know of see a lot more about it, but from what I have, listen, I've done another online course called divine time traveler. And that was all about this, the same kind of principle about how everything is really parallel everything's happening at the same time.

Time and, it's not really linear tool. That's just the only way that our, our brain, our human brain can process it. So you said that the sessions you do always very different and never gets boring. And that's something that you love about it. Have you seen any common themes in the readings that you've done though, which come up quite often or lessons that people have learned in their past lives that they're having to release when they come to you. The most common theme that I recognize is fear. It's fear that's carried over from past lives. You know, for me, for example, one of the fears that I'm carrying over is the fear of speaking out because I've been killed in past lives for speaking out for things of this nature.

No, the earth being round or astrology being a real thing, just things that were outside of what was conventionally normal. I mean, I do believe that I've been killed for those things. So even having this conversation with you right now is terrifying for me because in the back of my mind, it's that feeling of, Oh my God, am I going to be killed for talking about this?

I know it's not that big of a deal. But I feel like I'm going to be killed for it. So this was something that I had to face because it was a fear that I needed to overcome because it shut me up in subsequent lives. And I firmly believe in past life regression the process and it being healing. But at the end of the day, I believe that the power comes down to the individual who is.

Having the experience and it's up to them, what they decide to do with the information that's presented. So in my case, my fear of speaking out, wasn't just going to be magically cured. It was something that I needed to do or to implement and to say, I'm not going to let this scare me into submission. I'm not going to let this hold me back.

So. That's what I did with the information that was presented. And that's what I feel is the most common theme is fears that people are carrying over how it doesn't need to be the fear of speaking out. It could be the fear of leaving a relationship that has been in a cycle for let's just say 10 different incarnations.

It's that fear of what will happen if I finally leave this person or the fear of public speaking or. The fear of having children because of what may have happened to a child in the past life that you had. Just anything fear-based, that's the most common theme that I encounter. Yes, I can imagine because a lot of us in the spiritual community are familiar with this, which wound.

And I'm going to do a whole separate solo episode about this. The witch wound that so many of us have been witches in other lifetimes, and we're literally burned at the stake and we were outcast and we still carry a lot of that trauma today, even though back then, we still had the same intentions as we do now.

Right. Being ready healing and being Lightworkers and making the world a better place, but unfortunately hundreds of years ago, and it wasn't seen like that and it clashed with other religions that were dominant at the time. So, um, yeah, I can definitely resonate with you on that one. So I know you're extremely professional, very serious about your work and with that comes confidentiality.

And I know you never share anything about who your clients are or anything that they tell you during the session there's complete confidentiality, but with anonymity, have there been any like, really crazy stories that you've had in regressions or something really dramatic that's happened? Or have you dealt with anyone that was a celebrity in a past life like Marilyn Monroe or something?

No Marilyn Monroe's, but I have had people who were around people that we know of today. Like why was it that I had, I had a family member of George Washington and their details that they provided during the session lined up with the history of it. So that was interesting. And. No. I've heard people around Kings and someone on the Titanic.

It wasn't Jack arose. It was somebody else. Are they even real people? Like, I don't even know if those two people are specifically real probably get Jack on board. Maybe there was a Rose on board, just I've had people of that nature. W, sorry, not the Jackson. The Rose is new people surrounding people who have been historical names.

And, you know, with that, one of the most common skeptical points that I encounter, I think it's just out there in general is when people say, well, what about all the times that someone says that they were Cleopatra in a past life? Well, someone had to be. That's my whole take on it. Then again, maybe there are fragments of different lives out there from one soul right now within multiple incarnations.

So it's possible that those people are telling the truth or, you know, maybe they're just they're full of it. But I think those are the celebrity stories, but the crazy ones. Oh, Oh yeah. Now we're talking. What do you want to know? What ones really stand out like your top three craziest things that came through in a regression, and then I'll share some of what came up in my regression.

Just in case anyone listening is curious. Well, the craziest ones to me are, and I need to preface this by saying that you are in complete control during a session. You. Only experienced the experience that you're having because you allow it to happen. So no point are you ever out of control? And I bring that up because I have had some sessions where there are aliens or other beings who come and speak through the person I'm doing the session with.

And those can be pretty interesting because. There's a different energy. That's in the room, just a different feeling that comes over this space. And it's always just,

it's like a jaw dropper, but in that moment, I'm like, Hmm, is this really happening right now? And then I don't think I realized the magnitude of it until later on. Like there was even one time this happened, I feel it was probably about two months ago and I said, Oh, you know, so am I going to talk to you guys again?

And they said to me, you've been talking to us for years. Like, when are you going to get it? When you get a realize it like, Oh yeah, you know, this does happen a lot. Like I call it just another Tuesday. Let's see. I tell someone a story of this. And I'm like, thank God that really happens again. It was just another Tuesday.

It happens all the time. So. I'd say the alien stuff like that is probably happened maybe about 10 times. So those are always crazy stories,

other crazy ones. Well, ones that just happened off planet or in different realms, it was, are always super interesting ones that take place in Egypt with the pyramids. It was really, really cool because let's be honest. Would they really build the pyramids just to be burial chambers, and maybe there's a chamber in there for the burial of a Pharaoh, but what else were those pyramids used for?

So finding out those possibilities are always intriguing and interesting.

Other crazy ones are when people see me in their past lives. So it's seeing those connections in how we're being re-introduced to each other after a hundred years, 500 years, a thousand years, 10,000 years from a different dimension. And why that one is just crazy to me is because it makes me think about the mechanics of the universe and what it takes to facilitate that reunion.

So to me, I think that's probably the most mind blowing is. Thinking of how vast at all? It's yes. And it's so interesting. You touched on Egypt actually, because that brings me on to my next point nicely, which was that my oldest past life that I had, which came through in my restaurant with you was in Egypt.

And when I was in that past life, I was a young man and I was the air too. I was the ad to the throne, but from what I could see, the people who were ruling in that time are actually a spiritual leaders. So it wasn't like a King, but I was the anchor to throw him because there was a spiritual teacher who was in charge.

And I remember standing there and I was in a pyramid and I was watching this human sacrifice. And at the time I knew it wasn't right. I also didn't feel like it was really wrong because that was what was normal in that lifetime. But I remember standing there and I was watching, I was thinking this isn't.

You know, this isn't Holy. I don't feel like this is a good thing. And then I ended up getting poisoned and I never took the throne. And I looked it up because I'd never heard of this before. I'd never heard that human sacrifice was a thing and I Googled it and it was, but it was 6,000 BC and I was wow.

That is a long time ago. So I saw that. And it's really interesting that you have quite a few people. Who were in Egypt results. That was the first past life that came up for me. So that's so interesting, but I didn't have any alien ones, which is funny because I have had, other experiences of that nature, but I didn't have any past lives in other realms come through.

But some other ones that I had come through with you was around writing. And I mean, I'm writing in this lifetime, but I had a lifetime in the Victorian times and I was this woman and this enormous. Manchin, very kind of Downton Abbey ask. And I was the lady of the house, but I was very, very unhappy and I was married to this guy.

Couldn't stand. And I just remember arguing with him. And I was lucky because even though I was a woman because of the class that I was in, I was able to be educated. So I was educated. Obviously I was lucky in that we had money. Although in that time it was also very restrictive because my marriage was.

Uh, arranged marriage because our families had decided it because of the class we were in. And this was lot of time. I was very frustrated because I was talking to the maids and the staff, and they were the people that I actually had a connection with. But when I did that, then my family would be like, what are you doing?

Stop talking to them. And you weren't allowed to make classes. And it, it drove me mad. And I would still write in this lifetime by, I remember seeing an argument where my husband's snatched the paper out of my hand and threw it into the fire. And we were just arguing and art just made me so angry. And I remember when we were in the regression, I was just saying, I'm so angry.

And again, I'm not an angry person at all. Like I pretty much never get angry. So. Because I felt so angry and the aggression, I was like, wow, this is something because I don't, feel angry like this for no reason. So it was really profound. And this is why I think it's so important to actually experience it for yourself.

Because when we talk about it, it's very conceptual and it's easy to say, Oh, you're just imagining it. Oh, you know, that isn't real. But when you experience it for yourself and we did ours over zoom, because obviously. Daniel is in the U S as you can probably tell from his accent and I'm in England. So it was over zoom and I've had hypnotherapy before.

And again, I'm having a whole podcast episode about hypnotherapy coming up. But I've had hypnotherapy before, and it was similar to that in that you just go into a very relaxed state. And Daniel does an amazing job of walking you into this relaxed, kind of hypnosis state, which sounds a lot scary than it is.

You're basically just lying on your sofa. Very relaxed, like Daniel said in no way you out of control, you're not in some trance where he can make you jump up and down and do 10 pushups. Like that's not what it is a tour you're just relaxed. You're completely in control. But you see all of these things and you feel these intense emotions and you really, really do have to experience it for yourself to realize how profound it is.

And then it becomes a hell of a lot harder to discredit it or to write off people's stories. Once you have experienced it. And like Daniel said, we do carry over. So many of these things through our lifetimes. And that is why this work is so important as well, because it is so healing when we're able to understand what the root of these issues are.

And then we can release them because Daniel has an amazing process to help us release these traumas that we've had. So can you tell us a little bit about how you help people to actually release any trauma that they have in their past lifetimes?

Sure. You know, one thing I want to touch on before that is thinking about that woman that you were in that Victorian time in how cool it is. That you were fulfilling that desire of hers to right now. I think that to me is just, it's so cool that that it's being fulfilled. I just, and I think it's beautiful.

So just wanted to throw that one out there. And also, why I bring that up is because. Everything is important. Everything you do, every skill that you are learning. Now, it's not just about the here and now it's about how it carries over into a future incarnation. So nothing is a waste of time.

Everything is leading to something. For the process of releasing it's overly simplistic, but it's something that's very complex and I'm going to just describe it the best way that.

I can, in terms of my understanding of it, because I think that there's something that transpires the humans can't quite comprehend. So it's a matter of identifying what needs to be released. So you brought up the life with the fire. It's a matter of identifying that woman's pain, that woman who you were for giving that pain and releasing it.

In by the act of doing it, like in the quantum space, it's the healing that takes place across all of time. And by releasing that woman's pain by proxy, you are free of that as well. It's just like, poof, it seems so overly simplistic, but it's, it's that simple. If that answers it. Yeah, definitely. And it's just come to me as well.

The questions just popped into my head that I think some people listening are going to be thinking about what am I most read blogs is how to know if you have a past life connection with someone and you did touch on earlier about seeing people. In past lifetimes when people see you in past lifetimes and it makes me laugh because when I saw you in my past lives, we were always crossing paths, but it was in lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime.

And from what I could see, it was never like, we were talking for really long periods of time, but I'd see us. In a field and we'd be talking over a fence. And I know that our friend, Sarah, who was on podcast episode four, I know that she had a session. And then she said to me afterwards that she saw a lifetime where the three of us were related and I was the dad.

And I think you were the brother and she was the sister or the other way around. So yeah, we have a lot of lifetimes where we meet people. Again, and again and again, and we can often feel that in this lifetime we have that recognition. You meet someone you're like, Oh wow. I feel like I know you or straight away you have this deep, deep bond.

It's like, you're stepping back into something. So do you have, um, So what's your take on that when we see people again and again, and again, does that always mean that there's like unhealed trauma or do you meet people again in different lifetimes? Because you are friends and you have a strong soul bond.

What's your take on that? When we meet people in lots of different lifetimes, I think it's all the above that, you know, even when it comes to something such as whatever, a soulmate, maybe. I believe it's possible that your soulmate may also be your greatest enemy in any given life because of the lessons that they're here to teach you.

And, you know, when it comes to those who are here to assist you as well, I just, I believe that it's so much more intercut than we can possibly imagine. Like with Sarah where, you know, I do take the confidentiality strictly, but since. We discussed some of this on her podcast. It's totally okay.

And like Sarah, in particular, there was two lives where I died trying to save her like one where she fell into like a river or Lake or something like that. And I ended up drowning trying to save her. And I think in the life that she was referring to with. The three of us in there. I can't remember what the circumstance or the situation was, but I think I died in that one.

Also trying to save her in. When I talked to Sarah, initially, it was like seeing an old friend, just like with you. Like when we talked for the first time, it was like, it was talking for the first time, but it wasn't, it was like, we settled back into this natural, like, Hey, it's good to see you again, but how have things been for the last 500 years?

That is what it's like. It's so funny. And

sometimes I think that recognition is just a gut feeling. When I heard Sarah on your podcast before I had done a session with her, I'm like, I know her, I know her from somewhere. I'm probably going to end up doing a session with her at some point, because I know her from somewhere. I don't know where, but I know that I do.

And I think it's just that gut feeling. Or if there's someone that you encounter, who absolutely repulses you and you don't know why, like, there are times in my life where I am absolutely repulsed by some people, but they are amazing people in consciously. I'm like, why do I feel this way? They're, they're so sweet.

They're so genuine and kind. They're so friendly. And I know that it's not an act that it's who they really are, but it's that recognition of, uh, you did something to me before and I don't like it. And how to distinguish the two is where it becomes difficult. Because one of the things that people say to me very often before session is what if I see something that I can unseen in my response is always well for starters.

I don't believe you ever see anything that you're not ready to handle because your higher self is really the one running the show and they know what you can handle. So at no point, have I ever had someone say after a session that was too much, I've had people see a lot of heavy stuff, but they've never said that was too much for me to handle 

in a lot of times, people will also say to me, well, what if I see that I did something horrific and I can't unsee it? My answer is always, it doesn't matter who you were, it's who you are now that matters. So why bring that up is because. With these people. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Even if I have that kind of feeling like it's not who they were, then that matters.

It's who they are now. That matters. But still the question is, well, why am I having this reaction around this person or the person we're just still, you have this amazing feeling around them and you don't know why, like it's just, it's so easy to settle into conversation with them. And I just, I believe it's because you're just picking up from where you left off and that we all switched roles.

So like Sarah had seen in that life, you are our father. It's very possible that I could have been your father in one life where your mother and you could have been my mother, or you could have been my sibling or my best friend. Hell, you could have even been my enemy at some point, whatever that even means, but I just believe that we switch roles and it's like, Hey, you know, we're going to come in this time.

We're going to try this. And yeah, I'm gonna, I'm going to give you a hard time when you're 24 years old, but it's going to be for your own good. When you're sitting over here. Like yeah, I know. I know. I know I'm agreeing to it. So then we're good. Yeah, we're good. Yeah, I agree because we do go through these lifetimes. I was like, I didn't see any lifetimes where I'd done anything. Quote, unquote bad. I mean, I'm sure they're obviously worse. And, but like you said, we go through all these lifetimes to learn and to grow and to do better each time. Hopefully. So that's brings me nicely onto my next.

The question, which has just popped into my head. Have you noticed any difference between young souls and old souls? Like have you noticed some people that only have lifetimes kind of more recently and then some people who are more old souls, have you seen any evidence of that, of there being a difference between old souls and newer souls?

No, I think it's difficult to tell. Mean, I think when you're around someone and they just have a natural wisdom, you just feel like you're around an older soul, but I also don't believe in what I guess would be referred to as a upward Ascension process in terms of evolution on earth. And when I say that, I mean, almost like, I don't want even to say like a caste system, but just if you start out simply and work your way up.

Whatever that latter may be in whatever people's perception of that may be, because I believe that we jumped around where there are lives. I know that I saw for myself a thousand years ago where I was more advanced than I was 500 years ago or more advanced than I was 200 years ago. And then in the life from 500 years ago, I was more advanced 450 years ago.

I think it's just a matter of what the lesson is and what needs to be learned. Like I also feel that it's very difficult to pay down an old soul because I think the most naive person in the world may be the oldest soul around because they may just be at this point where they're like, look, I've covered 999,000 different lifetimes.

And it's a pretty big number. And I missed the one where I came in as incredibly naive. So I have to go back and do that one. So the oldest soul is the one that comes back is hi everyone. How's everyone doing today? Everyone doing well? I just, I think it's, it's difficult to look at someone or their past lives.

And pay it down to new soul or old soul. With that said, I still feel that there is a feeling and sometimes you just intuitively know that you are speaking with someone who has been around the block a few times. Agreed. I definitely agree with you that and everything that you've been saying, it really makes me think of the book journey of souls.

I feel like this is probably the book second to the secret that I talk about the most, because this, I read it a few months before I actually had my regression with you. And that first opened my eyes to. The journey of the soul. That's why it's called journey of souls and how we go through all of these different lifetimes.

And like you said, it's not linear. We don't start off in poverty being a mass mudra. And then in 10,000 years, we're royalty and where the best person ever like that, isn't what happens like he said. And that book is an incredible way to, it's basically a book of this guy who was a, a past life regression list and he tells all these stories of his clients and what they experienced in their regression sessions.

And I know that you are really into books on your Instagram page. You recommend loads of books on these kinds of quantum topics. So do you have any books that really stand out that you would recommend people if they're interested in learning more about this stuff? Definitely. Journey of souls.

Yeah. That one was just such a fun read too. My go to is usually many lives, many masters by Brian Weiss. Cause it's very grounded. It just, it comes from a very grounded point of view, which I think is a great place to start. I'd also recommend Dolores cannon, if you would just want to be in an absolute state of awe and to some of the things that she encounters reading the curve books.

There were times when I had to say, you know what? I gotta put this down for a week. I have to process everything that I've just read right now because Whoa, those are some. Absolute mind blowers. Another one that I'd recommend is only love is real by Brian Weiss, because I just, I think it is an incredible love story.

It's told through her past life lens. Then also for Michael Newton, he had destiny of souls, which was the follow-up to journey of souls. And that was a fun read as well. And when it comes to time, There is a fictional book that changed my life. It was called the timekeeper by Mitch Albom in it's. It shows the beauty of time and how time is precious.

And I feel that that was one of the most influential books that I've ever read. So I would definitely recommend that one as well, but if you want to have your mind blown, sorry to jump back to Delores, Ken. Read her convoluted universe series that will give you some real pondering material. And just, I think anything by those three authors.

Yeah. Thank you so much for those. I honestly have the biggest Amazon list and a few of those are on there, but those Dolores can, is it Canon or Canyon? Kevin Cannon. They sound amazing. So I'll probably have to go to those ones fast. So my last question for you is what is your favorite thing about doing this work?

Why do you keep doing it? And what is it that you love most about taking people into their past lives? Try to pick one. No, you can say whatever comes to you. I love getting to know someone on a deeper level than just what you see like with you, you know, when we spoke for a couple hours before your session.

So it's like, I got to know Liz in the here and now, and then I got to see where Liz has been. So it's just, it's so cool to see how these past life experiences shape your. Current personality and also how there may be no correlations whatsoever, but it's more of a totality of your journey. Like I just, I think that is so cool to be able to see that.

And I love being a part of that. I love being the person to facilitate a very unique experience, where there are thousands of practitioners out there, but it's still something that is very unique and not many people have experienced it. So to be the person that puts that forward for someone, I just, I love being that person.

It's also really fun when someone asks you what you do and you tell them I'm a past life regression is. And just like the head take that they do and what, what what's that they need to explain it to them. You get to introduce it to them. And I just, I think that's really cool because if you tell someone that you're a lawyer, they know what a lawyer is.

They may ask you what kind of law you practice. They know what a lawyer is, or can you say you're a teacher, they know what a teacher is or an accountant. They know what an accountant is, but not a lot of people know what a past life regression just is. I love when people see things that

I'm going to put it,

that go against the narrative that we've been taught. About the way that history is in that things may not be what we've been led to believe that things may be different. I think it's really cool to uncover that information. I think it is just, it's so cool to see that people have their own time machines living inside of them and being the person to lead them to a space where they can access that information.

I have great pride in that act and just the look on someone's face when they see someone who's passed away in this life, but they see that they knew them in a past life in that look of, I know that I will see them again. It just. It moves me so much to be there for that experience. And I love the intellectual aspect of things, but when it comes down to it, I think the matters of the heart is probably the most moving and most profound.

For me being a practitioner, being a part of that experience. I think that's probably my favorite. Wow. I'm smiling so much right now because that is just incredible. It's incredible work that you do. And honestly, if anyone's even slightly curious, like I said, I had this on a list in my phone and I've been looking for a past life regression session for years, but I never found the right person.

And I'm so glad that I did come across Daniel. And obviously you're in California and I know usually you do a lot of in-person sessions, right? But you do them all on zoom as well. So for anyone listening, who's in the UK or anywhere else in the world, or on the other side of America, you can do this all over zoom.

And I don't want you to think that it's any less effective in any way. It is exactly the same. And I can attest to that because I had it in so many other people. We've all done them on a call. So I don't think it's going to be any more or less powerful because it's in person or not. And. Daniel is just incredible.

I can't even say enough words for how amazing this session was and how powerful it was. So I'd recommend Daniel 10,000 times over if you do want a past life regression. So where can people find you on Instagram? How can they book with you? You can find me on Instagram at the past life. Regression is, and my website is your past life.

Regression Awesome. Thank you so much. For your kind words and what you just said, like, it means the world to me. Thank you so much, Liz. No, it's all true. And thank you for sharing all of your wisdom today. I kept throwing those questions at you, but it's just because I'm so grateful to have you here being an expert on all of this stuff.

And I know that this is going to be a very, very interesting episode indeed. So I hope everyone's enjoyed it. And please do reach out to Daniel he's on Instagram. Like I said earlier, he does share a lot of these. Books as well. So you can really learn so much more about these kinds of past life quantum topics.

And it is a rabbit hole. There's a lot of information and it will really, really blow your mind. So if you are interested, check out Daniel's Instagram, if you want to go deeper, of course, book a session with him, but thank you so much for coming on today, Daniel. I really appreciate it. Thank you for having me and for everyone listening.

Thank you for your time. Thank you. Bye bye.