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Read Your Akashic Records with Rita Mirchandani

April 28, 2021 Liz Roberta Episode 22
The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta
Read Your Akashic Records with Rita Mirchandani
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When I did my meditation teacher training certification in 2018, one of the tasks we had to do that day was to reach our Akashic Records through meditation.

As I opened mine, I saw that I was in Egypt - and I flashed back to a point earlier in this life where I got obsessed with a magazine I'd bought about ancient Egypt when I was about 11 years old.

The Akashic Records are said to be the book of your life, containing information about all of your past lives, current life, and the potential timelines that you might choose to take in the future.

This week I had @ritaellenmirchandani on the podcast to talk about her experience of reading the Akashic Records for her clients, as well as teaching other people how to read them too.

If you watch my stories, you'll know that I had an Akashic Records reading with Rita earlier in the year and it was amazing! She's a beautiful soul and an incredible spiritual teacher.

To learn more about the Akashic Records, listen to episode 22 now 🎙️▻▻▻

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Hi, Rita. Hi Liz. I'm so excited to be here. I'm so excited to have you on because having had an Akashic records reading with you, I know how incredibly intuitive you are and how committed you are to doing this work are really bringing people along their spiritual journey and bringing light into the world.

So I'm so. Intrigued to hear more about your story, because I don't actually know, and I just know already that it's going to be really, really powerful. So would you share that with us, how you got into doing the line of work that you're in today? Yes, absolutely. And thank you so much.

Uh, yeah, so my story, well, Growing up. I think that my whole life has sort of prepared me for what I've transitioned into now, but I didn't know it, of course at the time I grew up in a half Indian half Irish household. So my dad was from India. My mom was from Ireland and growing up, I had a diverse background on, you know, religious teachings and understanding of what spirituality was, but.

It really wasn't until 2017 that I had my spiritual awakening. When I really started to dive into what is spirituality? What does that actually mean? And where is life taking me? So prior to that, I was open-minded, but I never felt like that call, you know, that call you get, when you start to get ready to go into spiritual work.

Oh, yes. Yeah, but it happened for me in 2017, I had my spiritual awakening and it was absolutely crazy for me. It actually happened in one day, which I know sounds insane. And it was as insane as it sounds. I had graduated with my master's degree and a long-term relationship ended and I got a job all within one day.

And it was a very eventful moment. But also during that time, that same night when that happened, it was the first time I ever was visited by one of my guides. And prior to that, I had no idea really what that was and had never really started to look into that. But. When that happened that night, when my guide visited me, um, I received a message, which was basically the life I was living was no longer my life to live and I needed to make a change.

And like, this was basically starting in that moment. So I listened to that intuitive hit. And from there, I. Went through a few months, which were very, confusing. I would say, you know, going through the spiritual awakening, I didn't understand what was happening to me.

And luckily the universe, brought to me a spiritual teacher and that helps for me to begin to understand the experiences I was having and like that actually, this wasn't a bad thing that was happening to me. It was actually a gift. And I started to see the world through a new lens. And through that lens, I eventually, took still two more years.

It actually wasn't until actually three, 2020 that I even found out what the Akashic records were. But during that time I was still learning as much as I could about spirituality. I still was in my corporate job for a lot of that, but I ended up quitting my job and going to Asia and.

That was really where it started to catapults and what my role in the world was started to shift.

Yes. I can resonate with so much of your story. And I think it's really comforting for some of the listeners to hear how long it did take. It's not like you had your spiritual weekend, even though so much happened for you in that one day. And then you wake up the next day and had a whole new life.

Still took time and anyone who's built a business knows that it takes time. Like I've been doing this since 2018. So yeah. Thank you for sharing that. And I have a few questions. So what was your master's in what kind of career path were you going down? Yeah, so originally my whole life, I wanted to be an international relations and human rights and.

I did my bachelor's in that. And then I was supposed to actually go to Washington DC to start a master's program in, um, human trafficking, like prevention of human trafficking. But about two weeks before the program started, I just had this moment of like, no, that's not the path you're meant to take right now.

And I transitioned into doing hospitality. And so my master's was in hospitality management and that's the corporate world that I was in was in sales and conferences and eventually in consulting at hotels. Okay. Another similarity, third career. It's also my third route as well. Trial and error. Yes, definitely. And I know that's a thing in human design as well. I'm a four, six, and one of those numbers means that up to the age of 30, it's all about trial and error.

And I was like, Oh yes, that is so true. I'm a 46 as well. This makes sense. Yeah. And this is just so crazy because the only reason I knew that is Daniel. You know, past life regression standards on an episode of the podcast. Yes. He asked me that question yesterday. That's the only reason I know this for this moment.

Stop. That is crazy from being divinely guided for sure. Oh, my gosh. I love that so much. Well, yeah, then that totally makes sense then why we both have had that experience. Like I've got friends and my husband as well. They've just done the same career, always like the same thing they did at university.

And they've been doing it ever since. I did not have that at all. Yeah. And that's so funny. It is. But do you feel like, cause I definitely feel for me that I was divinely guided because those things that I've worked in now definitely support me in what I'm doing. Has that been your experience too?

Yeah, of course. I look back, I'm like, Oh, that was so perfect. It all unfolded so perfectly at the time. It was just awful and felt like forever. And I could never get it quite right. But looking back, I'm like, Oh, absolutely perfect. Everything I needed. Yeah, definitely. And even though you wouldn't think hospitality would integrate into spirituality, it has absolutely set me up for success and.

The universe truly does have a, I believe a bigger plan always. Yes, it definitely, definitely does. And have you always had this connection spirituality? I know you said you grew up with some religion around you, but were you kind of a psychic child? So that's interesting. I went through a period mainly in my teenage years where I really suppressed all of this part of myself.

I didn't want to look at it. Acknowledge it. And I think that was really from maybe the time I was like 13 to maybe until the spiritual awakening happened when I was, I think I was 25. And when I was younger, though, I now remembered that there definitely was like something that I intuitively would know.

Like there were certain circumstances, like one that comes to mind was my mom told me about this recently that. I was younger. And I had like told her that there was something going on at our neighbor's house. And she had just kind of ignored my, you know, ignored it. But we ended up going to where we were going and she dropped me off.

And when she came back, she had got the feeling like, you know, maybe I should just go check the neighbor's house and see if anything is happening. And their dog had fallen in the pool. And my mom was able to say that the dog's life, so things like that, there's been like five or six, things like that, that happened, but I never knew that that wasn't normal.

And I think my mom realized really like at a young age, like there's something different about her, but. It was so random, these instances that I don't know if it was ever like pieced together. And when you had that day, you said that so much happened in that one day. What happened leading up to that in terms of your spiritual awareness?

Is it like you just woke up after that day and you had much stronger ability or how did that fit into your kind of spiritual awakening? Just around that one day? Yeah, that's a great question. So leading up to that day, I was in a very unhealthy state, two or three years leading up to that moment, I had developed an eating disorder.

I was in a very unhealthy relationship. I was not in a good place mentally, physically, emotionally, and what happened in that moment where everything clicked is, and I've recently just learned, this is the universe was basically like now, you know, how your body and how you react when you're not on the right path.

And you really had to go through that experience. So you could help others who are going through similar things where they can feel so disconnected and. Really the message I received was that day when I was woken up was it's time for you to live the life.

You're meant to be leading. Like you can't continue your life this way. It's not going to take you anywhere. And so I think for me, it really was the fundamental part of my life to me, my new life began that day and. I've never really been the same person since. So it was the catalyst for everything.

And like how I teach, how I see the world, how I see others. It was the defining moment. Wow. That's so powerful. Again, see so many similarities in my own story there. And then you know that so many other people listening will feel the same way as well, where you'll know what it's like to be out of alignment.

And then therefore, we also hopefully will know what it's like to be in alignment as well. This is literally what I'm writing about in my book and for the same reason as you, I was. Completely out of alignment for so long in every way. And my career love relationships, my body friends in every way possible.

And. Eventually, once you get out of that, it really does make you see you look back and go, okay, that's not happening again. So yeah, it is so powerful when you finally do get on that right path. But I can only imagine how unbelievably challenging it was at the time to reshape your whole entire life after that day. It definitely was hard. I was in a relationship that time that definitely it wasn't, contributing in a positive way to what I needed and that person, you know, they even apologized to me for what they felt.

Maybe they hadn't been there for me the way I needed it during that time. And that transition. But I remember that at that moment, it just dawned on me. I was like, please don't apologize. You were exactly what I needed at that time to allow me to step fully into my power. And I look at situations like that as a learning opportunity for us to keep rising and really becoming who we're meant to become.

So for me, that's how I kind of transitioned through those things. And I'm a big teacher of the things that I've gone through and when others are going through hard situations, just really allowing them to know that I believe that whatever people are in your life or whatever lessons are going through, there is like a greater purpose.

And it is to allow you to step into your divine power. If I hadn't gone through all the things I went through during that time, I wouldn't be where I am in this exact moment. Exactly. And let's talk a little bit more about where you are at this exact moment, because you're obviously traveling and you're also an Akashic records reader.

So can you explain a little bit more about what the Akashic records are and how you do these kinds of readings for people? Yes, absolutely. Uh, so. The Akashic records, like if you were to Google them, and this is how mainly people, I think, seem to find it, it is known as the past present and future of existence.

It is like the Google of the universe. That's how it is mainly described. And the way I like to describe these readings, because this is how I personally experienced it. When I'm working with someone. Is I call them soul to soul readings. So when I opened the Akashic records, I set it with the intention that we're going to access what your soul is ready for you to know in this moment for your highest growth in your highest good.

And I set the intention so that if you're not meant to know it, I wouldn't even be able to access it. And it's really here to just help us on our spiritual journey while on earth as a guide. That's really the way that I look at it. So whenever you look it up online, they always show it as a book. But do you see it as a book?

I mean, I think I know the answer to this, but how do you see the Akashic records kind of in your mind? I've definitely seen a book once or twice, however, for every individual it's different. And I think that really goes back to it just being. Whatever, the person I'm reading for soul. However, that person is going to integrate it the best.

They're going to show it to me in that form. So sometimes it could be a book. Sometimes it looks like the universe. It's always different. And I think the book is a good symbol for it because we are opening something and then we are closing it afterward. So it could be a door. But the book has easy to integrate in the human body, you know, because you could see the writing on it as well.

Yes. And having had a reading with you, I know that you, a few times, you tried to look at my timeline and just to give the listeners a bit of background about how the reading went. It was unlike any reading I have ever had, and I've had a lot as anyone who's been following me for a while knows, and this was unlike any other, because I was able to ask Rita.

Anything I wanted about past present or future, like she said, that's what the Akashic records are. So she was like, okay. So it took about one thing and she'd be like, okay, what's next? I was like, this is so much fun. And it's new. If the things that I asked you, you were like, I can't see that on the timeline.

And obviously, you know, also being a reader and being very spiritual and experienced in this kind of thing. I know. Completely that that's, cause I'm not meant to see it at this time. And I was a bit cheeky and one of the questions I asked, cause we were talking about my children because she could sense one of my children.

And I said, can you see? Like when, when it's going to come along and she was like, that's hazy. And I was like, okay. I knew it would be. But a lot of the things she could actually see clearly, like how many different places I'm going to go to next year, different ventures are going to be working on in the future.

Just so many different things. It was like an encyclopedia was being opened. That's what it's like. Yeah. And thank you for that. And that's a perfect explanation of it. And it's always just like, if you're not meant to know it, it won't be able to come through. And the thing when we're tapping into the Akashic records, we're tapping into the current energy, at least when looking in the future.

So. That can always shift too based on free will. Of course. So that's, what's fun about it as well, is that it's giving you guidance on where you're at at that current moment. However, if someone was to decide, you know, actually, you know, I'm never going to leave my house again, you know, that would be their freewill to do that as well.

If I said, for example, you know, I really see you going to France this year and if they just decided not to leave the country, that would be their freewill to, choose a different path. Yeah, definitely. And what kind of benefits have you found from doing this work and kind of with your clients after they've learned more about their Akashic records?

What's your experience with that? And kind of the benefits that people have found? Wow. Well, there is just so many benefits and I'll speak from my own experience because I think it's always easier to speak from our own experience. And then I can also just provide some examples of clients too. But for me, my Akashic record was read a year ago almost to this day.

And that was the first time I ever learned about it. And now I am an Akashic record reader reading for others. So I think that in itself almost describes the power of what can come from a reading of that sort. It literally changed the course of my entire life. Now, this is what I do. My entire business is founded upon it.

And that wasn't even something I knew about a year ago. And it in wittingly felt so right when I heard about it, that I knew that it was something I was meant to do. And the first time I ever tried it, it just felt like so lit up. And like, I had done that so many times before and that's because that's something my soul has agreed to and enjoys doing.

And aside from that, just getting guidance on where you're headed and like what feels in alignment, whether that's in your current, you know, setting like sometimes people will ask about their books, their, relationship patterns. Like why does this sort of pattern keep coming up in my life?

And. The Akashic records can answer all of that and give guidance on not only answering, like why is it there, but how can we move forward? And how can we heal that? So we're reaching our soul's highest evolvement, and that's really why it's here. It's to assist us in, our progression and you know, our path that's and I think that's, what's so empowering about it is it's just this wealth of knowledge to help us progress.

Yes. And it's such an interesting tool to work with. I don't come across many Akashic records readers at all. So the work that you're doing is so valuable and so needed, and we'll obviously share your details at the end. But if anyone is curious about their own Akashic records, then Rita is really the person to come to for this.

Cause like I said, it's not a common thing. Rita is the only person that I can name actually, who, who does this? So it's so interesting. And I'm so glad that you agree to come on and talk about it. So have you had any readings that you've done? Cause this must be so fascinating to look at this information for people.

And have you had any readings obviously? Anonymously. We're not going to mention any names or anything like that, but anything that's like really stuck out for you, like someone who was a celebrity or royalty or any things like that, which have really stuck out when you've looked in someone's car sheet records.

So that's a great question. So I actually have an interesting thought on how this all works and this is my experience about it. So I haven't had anyone with a figure in history that we would really know come through. But my belief is that in the records, when we access something, it's because it's a way that our soul would understand it.

So if a past life, came through, just as an example, I had someone who had a terrible fear of. Losing their family. They would get anxiety when their family would leave and it was crippling, to their life. And so when we looked in the records, there was a past life where a meteor had hit and it had killed their family and it left this fear.

And then now about, well, if I leave or if I do anything it could just be taken away in an instant and. What I believe with these type of past lives is oftentimes it's a memory in like consciousness that our soul resonates with. So if we go back to it, it can allow us to heal now. So sometimes when someone has like a past life reading and let's just say, they're like queen Elizabeth.

I often wonder if it's just the collective energy that we're tapping into, but our soul understands it. So it would still allow us to heal it. Does that make sense? Yeah, definitely. And in the episode with Daniel, we talked about this, cause he obviously does past life regressions and that's why he does the work that he does because he says it can still affect you now because also can access it at any time.

So I think it's a similar kind of thing to that. I was always kind of in our energy field, not really. Yes. I think with the past lives, what's so important is that as long as our soul recognizes the memory, like of whoever we were in history at that time, or whatever type of circumstance we're seeing, the reason we're seeing it through that lens is because that's what our soul remembers and is ready to kind of see it through that lens,  And when you're looking. In the records.

Do you see, is this clairvoyant that you're accessing this information? Yeah, definitely. I mean, every time it's a little bit different. Sometimes it's seeing hearing, feeling it. It really depends, but a lot of the times it is seeing. Cause you are so intuitive. Like I talked about it on my Instagram stories, and I said that you are literally one of the most intuitive people I've ever met because you are so connected.

So in tune and definitely a very, very skilled reader and intuitive. So it's such a joy to have a reading with you. And just to hear you talk about these topics, so how can people find you and how can they work with you? Yeah. And thank you so much. It was such an honor to get the opportunity to read for you and to just have this connection again together.

Yeah. So if anyone is interested in an Akashic record reading, I have a website which is my name www Rita Ellen or on Instagram as well. Those are the best places to find out more information about. And Akashic record reading and what that might look like for you, listening, because for every person it is individualized, it's different.

And what one experiences the other will not usually, because it's, again, tailored exactly to what you need in that moment. And that's, I think what makes it so powerful? I've had two readings myself, like on myself because I, even though I read them, I like to have someone else read for me and. Both times they were so different.

And I think that's what the power in this is too, is that it's just tailored to exactly what you're meant to know in that moment. Yeah. I agree with that actually, because when I had the Akashic records reading with you, I'd had my past life regression not long beforehand. And that was obviously incredibly intense.

I went into five lifetimes. It was like a five-hour long session. And I think because of that, The reading that I had with you is a lot more focused on my present life. Like we did touch on my past and future a little bit, but it was mainly about my present life. And I did feel as though that was because I'd already just literally just before had all this connection with my past lives.

So, um, yeah, I definitely can see that, that it tailors to what you need right now. And maybe if I hadn't just had that past life regression, I think maybe some of that information I'd tapped into then would have come in. Through you and that reading. So it's so, so fascinating, such an interesting topic.

And I'm just so glad that you're doing this work and helping people. Yeah, thank you so much. And I actually do also teach now how to read the Akashic records. So I have a few students who are, one in particular is just incredible and it's definitely going to, I believe become more common as more souls, feel the pull to like want to dive into this work and whether they decide to do it, you know, just for themself, knowing how to read their own record or they decide to do it.

To, help others, it's such an amazing doorway where I hopefully picture a world where more and more people will have this access to this and be able to read their own records and then just live a more intuitively led lifestyle.

Amazing. Wow. That's incredible. So yeah, if anyone wants to learn how to read the Akashic records, then also get in touch with Resha. As you can tell, she's an incredible teacher and even just the things that you post on Instagram are absolutely phenomenal. And you can tell that it's channeled and so, so beautiful.

So it's such a gift to know you. I'm so glad that you're doing this work in the world, and thank you so much for sharing your time with us and coming on the podcast today. Yeah, thank you so much, Liz. It was such an honor, and I'm so happy to know you and to have this chance. Thank you. Bye. Thank you.